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Myron D. (Mike) Stolte is founder and president of Asset Allocation Incorporated. The company has provided evaluation services to the sponsors of large pension plans, foundations and endowments since 1980. It is also retained for special projects by Big Four accounting firms and other consultants.

Stolte served as Manager, Pension Fund Analysis, at 3M Company during the 1970s. He created the company's internal performance measurement and evaluation program, reported to senior management, and presented investment results and policy recommendations to the board of directors.

His career path represents an unusual combination of experiences in the four interrelated quadrants of the investment management rectangle:

  • The investment banker's position.
  • The portfolio manager's position.
  • The plan sponsor's position.
  • The independent consultant's position.

Stolte has a BSC degree in accounting from the University of Iowa and a MBA from the University of Minnesota, where he was also an instructor in financial mathematics.

His 1981 article in the Harvard Business Review introduced the concept of performance attribution at the plan sponsor level.

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Articles and References:

Published articles written by Stolte include:

  • "Overseeing Retirement Funds", Internal Auditor, Vol. LIX:III (June 2002), pp. 57-59.

  • "Retirement Fund Management: Strengthening the Board's Oversight Position", Director's Monthly, Vol. 25, No. 5 (May 2001), pp. 1-6. (click here to download a copy)

  • "Pension Fund Management: A Controller's Perspective", Management Accounting, Vol. LXXV, No 11 (May 1994),
    pp. 49-55.

  • "That SAG in Your Pension Fund: Who's Managing It?", Pensions & Investment Age (October 25, 1982).

  • "Pension Plan Sponsors: Monitor Yourselves", Harvard Business Review, Vol. 59, No. 2 (March/April 1981),
    pp. 136 -143.

Copies of these articles and others are available by request.

Stolte's analytical methods have been included in Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) study guides for Certified Financial Analysts and in such reference books as:

  • Maginn, John L. and Tuttle, Donald L., Managing Investment Portfolios, (Boston: Warren, Gorham & Lamont, 1983).

  • Simon, W. Scott, The Prudent Investor Act: A Guide to Understanding, (Camarillo, CA: Namborn Publishing Co., 2002).

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