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The Asset Allocation Audit (the "Audit") was developed more than twenty years ago to monitor large, multi-manager investment programs. It is a performance audit, not an accounting audit. Although it does account for all changes in the market value of an investment fund over any period of time, it does so with decision outcomes rather than with dividends and interest, gains and losses. The Audit overlays ordinary financial reporting with productivity reports that make it a powerful oversight system.

The Audit's software enables the user to create a model of the entire investment management process. The model compares outcomes that result from actual decisions with those that would have resulted if the decisions had never been made. It isolates the dollar impact of each primary group of decision-makers and summarizes the value changes attributable to them.

The Audit serves the needs of lead fiduciaries who are responsible for establishing the primary investment policy and for the oversight of its implementation. For more than two decades the Audit has served directors and trustees who are required by law to control their investment management processes. Institutional investors as diverse as corporate and public pension funds, unions, college endowments and charitable foundations have utilized the Audit to improve the efficiency of their investment management operations.

Subscribers to the Audit's interactive Web site can produce the reports described herein. To learn more about the Asset Allocation Audit, view the other sections of this introductory site.

For additional information print the Director's Monthly article, submit the request form or contact Mike Stolte at 612-341-3141 or by email:


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